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Just a short post here to welcome readers to CentralEuropeTraveler.com and to invite you to read the posts and leave comments as you like.

I’ve been working on this website off and on for a few months now and rather than continue to build up phantom content for a launch that may never come, I’ve opted for a soft launch and the good intentions to build up content going forward.

The point of the site is to write about the region I live in (Central Europe broadly defined — please see the FAQ) and to draw on seven years of travel and guidebook writing. The topics here will mostly be ones I cannot get editors to pay me for (usually because the topics are too niche and not commercial enough). I hope you’ll find the subjects engaging and also that you’ll feel inspired to suggest topics for future posts.

Not all of the countries and topics in the drop down menus have content at the moment, but I hope to rectify that in the weeks and months to come.

All best,

Mark Baker

2 Thoughts on “Welcome and Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

  1. This looks to be a very good website in the making, Mark! Very much enjoyed the Brno architecture story. I have finally identified the Functionalist, or maybe “Brutalist” house we lived in at Barandov in the 50s, and the current owner is more than happy for me to visit next time I am over. He knows the history – seized by Nazis from a Jewish family, taken over by Commies for a “diplomatic” residence complete with spook in basement – and is restoring it. I’ll keep you posted…you may enjoy coming along if you can. bests, Charles

    • mark baker on July 25, 2013 at 6:23 pm said:

      Wonderful news Charles. Please feel free to pass along my contact details. I would love to go over sometime with a camera. Would make fodder for a great post and a chance to discuss your book.

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