‘The Prague Post’ Calls It Quits In Print

notoveryet“Not Over Yet.” The headline of the last print edition of The Prague Post after 22 years reeks of unintended irony or maybe it’s a bit of an inside gag (it wouldn’t be the first time). At any rate, it’s a sad day for English readers in the Czech capital as well as for former staffers, including the author of this website. I was the paper’s first Business Editor, working from 1991 to 1993 at the Post’s tiny offices at Dlouha trida 2 in the center and then for a time at the paper’s second location on Politickych veznu 9, near Wenceslas Square.

At least on one level, the headline is completely accurate. According to a letter circulated this week by owner Monroe Luther, the paper will continue on as a digital-only publication, so in that sense at least the Post really is “not over yet.” It only feels that way.

I don’t have time for a lengthy obit here. My point with this post is to acknowledge the passing of yet another institution from the early 1990s. It’s ironic the Post’s “closure” (that’s not quite accurate) coincides this week with the 20th anniversary of the Globe Bookstore and Coffeehouse (still going strong, but in a different location and with a different feel). In fact, the final print edition even has a wonderful and lengthy article by Ray Johnston on the Globe anniversary.

It’s hard to avoid the feeling of a passing of an era in Prague. Though the Post going digital has nothing of the gravitas of the death of Vaclav Havel in 2011, the nostalgia pangs are similar, as is that discomforting feeling that with every passing year, my adopted home city feels less familiar, not more.

Here below is a photo gallery of some vintage Prague Post shots from the 1990s.

2 Thoughts on “‘The Prague Post’ Calls It Quits In Print

  1. Strange days. Also notable that there is no picture there of the first reporter to show up at your door! Suppose that is because one of us had to be out there pounding the pavement 😉 Cheers to you for making your mark on so many lives through your association with The Prague Post. You were a great editor! Thanks for teaching me so much, and exhuming my many buried leads!

    • mark baker on July 27, 2013 at 5:43 am said:

      Hey you, do you have any pics from those days? If so, it would be great to post some! Hope you’re well.

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