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Sorry Moldova, I Tried. I Really Tried

Working as a freelance travel writer for the past seven years, I’ve found that sometimes things just don’t work out, regardless of how hard you try or how good your intentions are. The following post recounts the problems I’ve had this year in convincing travel magazines and websites to consider an article on the Republic of Moldova. It’s both a peek inside the workings of the travel writing industry and an apologia to the folks at USAID for my having failed (so far) to spread the good word on Moldova.

Earlier this year, I heard through the grapevine about a sponsored trip for travel writers to the Republic of Moldova. The program sounded fantastic. We would visit wineries and monasteries and learn about options for travelers to see areas of scenic beauty and to experience genuine Moldovan hospitality via rural home stays and similar. The sponsor was USAID, working through a friendly and thoroughly professional travel consultant named Jack Delf.

The trip would be fully paid for, an arrangement that made it both hard to pass up and nearly equally hard to accept. I came to travel writing via journalism, where travel junkets are frowned upon. The argument goes that if someone is buying your lunch, it’s hard to be objective about the food. I mostly subscribe to this view and, with only two small exceptions, have never taken a freebie as a travel writer. Read More →